Monday, September 10, 2018

Is the World THAT Bad?

I think deeply about things and read widely about the world around me. Its history, its current affairs, its economcs etc. In the midst of all this I wonder about the people that are missed out of these conversations and recordings, unless they are suffering enough for the media to shove cameras and microphones in their faces to record it for their news entertainment shows.

One of the more depressing sites about the world is Human Rights Watch. On this site you can see the inhumanity of the elite against those it sees as serfs, as people who matter only for what duties they can perform for them.

HRW cover the whole world. There is not one single continent where a human right's abuse hasn't taken place. I haven't been through their entire archive, but I'm sure most nations, and all the major ones, will have at least one article on them.

- Slavery
- Torture
- Poverty
- Murder
- War
- Rape
- Discrimination

It's all there.

And it gets to me.

Is this society about to come to an end, like Rome and Greece before it? Like the Chinese Empires that have risen and fallen?

What will happen this time?

Some of us may live in nice houses and have nice lives that 'we have worked for', but do we realise how few people in the world have the opportunity to live the way we do? In relative peace?

Yemenis are being bombed. Palestinians are being deprived of a home. Turks are being jailed. The disabled are being deprived of life. Children and women are working in slave-like conditions in factories making Nike clothing and Apple iPhones.

Yet, somehow, I keep going. I keep hoping it will change.


VEG said...

I could not agree more. I often wonder if we're working up to a point we'll destroy ourselves and it will all start over again some time. Back to the drawing board.

Not exactly what you were saying, but I often see people (and in my town they are EVERYWHERE) with giant houses, manicured gardens, fleet of cars in the drive, and I wonder what the point of it is. Are you happier when you have more rooms than you can use? Is it for you, or for show? I don't really get it. We have a really small place and we still intend to downsize further. I think if humans learned to appreciate what they have, instead of always striving to get more, we'd be happier. It's contrary to what we're taught but I totally believe it.

bill lisleman said...

On most days I'm an optimist. Steven Pinker has a book out titled “Enlightenment Now” (I didn't read it. Just heard a discussion about it) in which he claims that human life is becoming, not worse as many seem to feel, but globally safer, healthier, longer, less violent, more prosperous, better educated, more tolerant and more fulfilling.
The world is not fair. I suspect the whole universe is not fair. Humans should strive to be fair. Some do, many don't.
I don't know about Pinker's point, but I do believe coverage of safe, peaceful, and fulfilling events fail to increase viewership and ad revenue. Yes marketing doesn't cause wars (there have been one or two related to company profits) but I believe marketing alters the way they are covered and explained (or not explained) to the world.