Monday, July 09, 2018

Dark Days

Every depressive has days when, although suicide is not an option, death would be welcomed with open arms.

We look around us and see hopelessness. We look inside and see emptiness. There is nothing to hang on to but a small light in the darkness and a quiet voice trying to tell us that things aren't as bad as they seem.

Eveything becomes an irritant.

The things that once pleased us become simplistic or annoying, distractions that kept our moods from spiralling down are irritating.

Noting is fulfilling.

The cause can be one thing or many and it will differ each time.

It's dangerous.

We could find ourselves in front of an oncoming bus and not move through inertia. The only thing likely to go through our minds is, 'oh well'.

Paradoxically, it takes one positive moment to lift us out of that mood. Something unexpected. Something funny, a satisfying sense of schardenfreude, or something cute. It's one of the reasons I do my Friday Fun. For most people it's a pleasant, jolly post. For the depressive it could be the moment that lifts them for a while.

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