Monday, July 30, 2018

Too Hot

As I look out the window I see a lot of brown grass and pale soil. Neither have had much rain recently.

It's a good analogy of depression.

Depressives haven't been watered by love, kindness, or companionship. We've been starved of it.

Our mental, emotional and spiritual lives are running on empty, while others around us, the ones we see as trees and bushes are able to be green, taking nourishment from roots that are deep, roots that we've never been able to grow.

In amongst that brown, others will seen a dandelion, or some other weed and assume that there is a full life there as those plants are growing. Then claim that we are weeds for not growing as they, the trees and bushes, do.

Depressives need constant nourishment to grow and we do not have the root system to feed ourselves. We need careful watering.

It's not a weakness, it's who we are.

But, when we do get watered, we can make the most of what little we get. When the rain doesn't fall for long enough, trees will die off and bushes will wilt. Grass will survive as it has fewer needs.

Depressives are the grass of humanity. Brown when not fed, but strong enough to survive the harshness of life.

Be strong, depressives. You are stronger than you know.

Friday, July 27, 2018

Friday Fun

For someone like me who melts when the temperature rises above 24 Centigrade, it's been a difficult week.

Just laugh and think about the following as I'm too hot to think.

Please let it cool down.