Wednesday, June 20, 2018

Wednesday Rant - Showing Love

Like most Christians I pray for the end of this world and its cruelty and for it to be replaced by one of love and respect for everyone. I use the word 'most' deliberately, for around me I see quite a few christians not just praying for it to end, but for it to end in a maelstrom of violence and destruction.

For these Christians, mostly of the envagelical kind, the words of Revelation are to be eagerly anticipated. The battle of Meggido where millions of soldiers will be wiped out with God's equivalent of napalm. Death by starvation, continual war and disease.

A few of these people people are almost delighted by the prospect, mainly as they feel they will avoid being victims of it.

For them, it is not a slaughter, but a God given punishment to all the un-christian people of the world. Even if the victims are young children. Which, given how young the world's population is, and has been for most of human history has been, is quite startling.

Yes, I know the scripture from James that states we are all sinners and 'fall short of the grace of God'. I only have to look at my own past, knowing that others are similar and in many cases better, to know how true that is.

But I also know other words and phrases, ones from Christ himself.

- Judge not, for how you judge so shall you be judged
- Do not hate, for if you hate you have committed murder in your heart
- Pray for your enemies

And there are more along the same lines peppered throughout the new testament.

Even in the old testament there are people who have interceded to prevent the wrath of God. Moses pleaded for God not to wipe out the Israelites after they made a golden bull. Abraham pleaded on behalf of Sodom and Gomorrah. There are other instances too.

So why do these 'Christians' pray for violence?

I don't know.

Christ did not pray that that we learn the hard way, but that we would see our own errors and improve. Its one of the reasons he allowed himself to be killed. He set the example, one of many examples in his short life, that we should refrain from cruelty even when others are unjust and cruel to us.

When we pray for the end, let us pray it will end peaceably and that cruelty will be banished from peoples' hearts. Anything less would be unchristian.

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