Wednesday, February 14, 2018

It's Not (Just) about the Money

A lot has been said by people who want to remain in the EU over the past two years, most of it focusing on two things:

1) Brexiteer lies
2) Economic ramifications

On point one, there is nothing to argue about. Johnson and Co did lie about a lot of things, the most obvious thing benig £350m for the NHS. The usual follow up, by some of those remainers, is that everyone who voted for Brexit must therefore have been duped.

That is an arrogant position to take.

It assumes that all of us who voted to leave are so gullbile we'd believe anything, anyone from the Brexit camp said.


There are many reasons people voted to leave and although gullibility is one of them, there is no indication it among the main reasons.

On the flip side there were several remainers who foretold an economic collapse of apocalyptic proportions should we even vote to leave, let alone actually leave. How much focus has been put on that since the vote?

There have been economic problems since the vote and during the current (disastrous) negotiations, but how many of them are due to the vote and how many due to the Tory party's own non-EU policies?

But all of this misses a bigger point. Why is just about money? Is that the only thing that matters as a member of the EU?

Eighteen months on and I still don't regret voting to leave. Yes, I can see the economy is in trouble, but how much of that is due to Brexit and how much is due to the Tories themselves is open to debate. One could be hiding the other.

But the main reason I don't regret the vote is politics.

In Poland, the government is planning to make it illegal to state a historical fact: that some Polish people helped the Nazis in the concentration and death camps. This is on top of removing other safeguards in law that threaten democracy. While the EU has made some noise, it hasn't taken any action to prevent it

In Spain, a right wing government violently mishandled an independence vote in Catalonia while the EU kept quiet, calling it an internal matter.

Then there is the confusing case of the independence movements across Europe in Scotland, Wales, Basque, the aforementioned Catalonia and Northern Italy.

Why does it make a difference to the EU if these areas become independent within the EU? Why do they, as has been stated in the case of Scotland, need to reapply for membership?

The EU, judging from the above and its own lack of full democracy, is moving towards a right wing, authoritarian state. The growth of right wing parties is only helping this and as the left wings parties of Europe are dying out having imbibed monetarist policies, the extremists are able to position themsleves as the only hope for the future.

I am against the EU, not due to economics, I know we're going to take a hit, but due to politics. I don't want to live in the centralised, authoritarian state the EU is becoming.

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