Monday, January 29, 2018

Depression Diary - It's Monday

Mondays signal an end to the weekend, and when it's raining it's even worse. When you have to be at work for 6am that takes it down another notch.

Different things depress different depressives. For me, grey skies are among the worst things I could see.

Intermittent showers with the sun poking through I can (sort of) cope with. But grey, rainy skies depress me while grey skies with no rain depress me even more.

Yet, even as I examine the nature of these events, I realise that it isn't the thing itself that's the problem, it's the lack of someone warm to be with while they happen.

I've been with the cold people, shared my life with them. They are the greyness in my past and I will not let anyone else in who tries emulate that.

In the meatnime I have to live with the grey outside, the dankness that keeps the light from shining in.

Roll on Spring and Summer.

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