Monday, January 01, 2018

A New Hope

100 years ago, men the age of my children were fighting a war in Europe because old men were either too proud to sit down and talk peace or wanted more power and control over others.

Very little has changed in the intervening century.

There is, however, always hope. Then it was the suffragette movement campaigning for votes and equality. Today it is the various movements of ordinary people to change society for the better.

Across the world there are other movements seeking positive change, be it for votes, freedoms or changing how we use and generate power.

There are still wars being fought by young men to preserve the power of old men and that is going to take a major, planet wide change to reverse, but there is always hope and there are always people fighting for a better future.

at the moment I can't fight, but I can support and stand with those who do.

Join us. Make the world better.

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