Monday, December 11, 2017

Depression Diary

Much as I like time without the noise of people, I'd prefer some of it to be spent with another quiet person.

Much as I like time on my own, I'd prefer there to be less of it.

Much as I'd like to open up to people, I've been too hurt by others to do so too often...assuming they want to listen and don't want interrupt when I take a short pause.

I, like everyone else, am a product of my past. Partly due to my genes, but also due to the environment I grew up in.

There are some people I can point a finger at, but it would only be a shaky one as they had their own problems to deal with, even if they weren't aware of them.

I may never be un-depressed before I die, but I can put some effort into breaking the cycle for those that follow.

A small change for the better is a positive change.

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Caitlin Lane said...

Hi Martin, it can be such a deep and difficult struggle to find a way to connect with others when you are in the deep clutches of depression. I hope you find peace and comfort soon <3