Monday, September 11, 2017

Depression Diary

Another week and I'm still here. There are days when I wish I weren't, but not many. Even then it's more a wistful thought than a plan of action, wondering what lies beyond death.

As I've got older, death has ceased to worry me. It's part of life, something that none of can ignore or avoid, however hard some may try. And why do those people want to be immortal? Greed. They want to hang on to everything they have, be it power, money or anything else they have grasped.

It's one of the reasons depressives are more prone to suicide. They have nothing to hang onto, nothing they want to keep.

For some people, 'things' are enough, but for the derpessive, these things are shallow representations of what they miss, a hole in their lives that items, money and other objects cannot fill.

They lack love, even love of themselves. Not ego, not arrogance, but love, self respect, pride.

Helping a depressive starts with the non-corporeal aspects of life. Get that right and the rest will follow in due course.

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VEG said...

I think you are right on every point. Ultimately things don't matter, people do, and feeling valuable does. The problem with feeling valuable is, you ARE valuable (you in a general sense, not just you), you just can't see it, and it seems like other people can't see it either. It's almost a chicken and egg situation too. If someone loves me, will I then love myself? Or, if I learn to love myself, will someone love me?

I'm sorry you're having such a hard time lately, that sucks and I wish I had something better to say.