Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Fighting Intolerance

The events in Charlottesville have left me feeling cold.  So I've gathered a few memes about it that better express my opinion than I could do.

Free speech comes with responsibilities, but it also means others have the right too. Sometimes the 'right' is to ignore you.

It's also what makes humanity great. No one should dominte based on race, colour or creed.

Nazism is cruel. It didn't just kill six million Jews, it also killed another 6 million, Gypsies, Christians, Disabled, Poles, Russians etc in the death and work camps, not to mention the 40 million or so fighting in the wars it caused in Europe and its equivalent system in Asia.

It is still true. Decent people didn't start this, but we should stop it in its tracks. Now.

Bit hard to read this one, but persist. In short, The flag and its meaning are a call to action as it is inciting hatred, which is banned in every decent society.

Yep. Me.

If the violence is started by the far right, they have no right to complain when they are the hit. The flag and its meaning are violent, racist and advocate the silencing of oppostion. Those who follow it have, therefore, no right to protest when they are on the receiving end.

If we fail to learn from history, we will repeat it. In the US, this could lead to another civil war and the consequences for the world will be devastating.

The world is with you as you stand against them.

I feel for the people who lived through WW2, saw friends and comrades killed and are now watching people the same age as their grandchildren following a system they destroyed at great cost.
 It could be your neighbour.

ALWAYS remember that the vast majority of the human race are not bigots, racists or any other 'ist'. They, like us, are normal people.

Finally: Let us raise our children in our image. Not to ignore the hatred, but to rise above it.


Feel free to share any of these you agree with.

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