Monday, May 29, 2017

I Quit

Yesterday, I quit Twitter.

I've tried for the past few years to see the point in it, but I can't. It's not the trolls that hang around and try to get under someone's skin bother me or the insults that get traded on it, I've had enough of those in real life to let it run off my back, but the uselessness of Twitter.

It may have started as a quick way to communicate, to provide soundbites, but now it's little more than an advertiser's playspace. And that's just the people I 'followed'.

There is no interaction with people I've never met, which I can get on Facebook and here, just an endless stream of ads. When I did try and have a conversation, it was terrible. I had type each sentence, then post it, hoping the other person wouldn't respond before I got the second sentence in.

I've gone.

My Twitter history will forever be on Google's servers, and Facebook's for that matter, but there will be nothing new.

Good riddance.


Janet Gogerty said...

I opened a Twitter account ages ago, when trying to do all the things authors are supposed to do - I lost it and couldn't find it again! Twitter remains a world lost to me , but it doesn't sound as if I'm missing anything.

Ted Cross said...

I have never seen much use in Twitter either. I have an account there, but I hardly use it except to toss up a link to an interesting article now and then.

bill lisleman said...

I noticed your post title in a blog roll so I was curious to what you were quitting. Being a quitter of twitter is a good thing. I suspect you'll have one less distraction in your day. I'm not a twitter quitter because I've never joined it. It appeared useless to me. Now for a celebrity or an attention seeking president sure it might be just the thing. Blog on!