Wednesday, February 08, 2017

Giving Up

Lent is around the corner and people will be giving all sorts of things up for 40 days. Chocolate, wine, beer, sweets, cakes and many others. But is that what it's about?

In his book for Lent 2017, Archbishop of Canterbury Justin Welby asks this same question and adds: Why aren't we giving up mental, emotional and spiritual things instead. Good question.

Christ gave up food and water for 40 days so he was at his weakest when facing Satan, and still told the Devil where to get off. Is giving up chocolate the same? Is that the point of Lent? If we are to be better Christians, better followers of Christ, shouldn't we be looking at our attitudes, our mental makeup?

Are we arrogant or intolerant when dealing with others? What length is the fuse on our temper? Do we give without thought of reward? Giving up bad mental/emotional/spiritual traits would be far more useful for us and the world we live in than giving up biscuits for a month and a half.

Looking back at Christ's example, he made himself physically weak in order to show Satan how mentally, emotionally and spiritually strong he was. If we give up something we depend on, like wine or cheesecake, would we be as strong, or would we be tearing our hair out and be short tempered with others?

This Lent, don't give up on food. Give up on bad attitudes. If you want to make it harder, ask someone you trust which of your bad traits they would like to see removed. That WILL test you.

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