Monday, January 16, 2017


I've made a plan. For me, for this blog, for the year ahead. The aim is to post up to three times a week and get back to reading other blogs too.

Monday: Something personal. Like a diary, but not too personal. An item that affects me or has affected me. Occasionally it will a string of jokes I've written, or a piece of writing for critique.
Wednesday. An opinion. Maybe on the news, maybe on life, or something else. It won't necessarily be serious.
Friday. The usual. Fun and philosophy to get us all going for the weekend and dropping by on other blogs.

HOWEVER...this is not a rigid plan with a promise to keep to it come hell or high water, I value my mental health too much for that. It is, instead, a plan and a goal. The aim is to keep to this by the end of the year, to build a new habit and to provide a focus for a life that has drifted.

There's also a plan for Tuesdays and Thrusdays.

On the Tuesday I intend to spend time on the Starfish Publishing Co-op, which I have neglected a lot in the last year. There's a website and a Twitter account (which Tanya has kept up with - Thank you) and some other bits.

Thursdays will be dedicated to the upkeep of the KATS Drama group website and Facebook account.

These are goals and I don't expect to be able to keep up with them on every day of every week to start with (except Friday Fun), but I need to have a focus, something to concentrate on and to build towards.

I have found, with mental health, that goals are fine, but forcing myself, or anyone else for that matter, to stick to them rigidly is counterproductive and results in a total loss of momentum and desire. The flip side of this is you have to plan to stick to it by a certain date, to give yourself a target, but also to allow yourself to adjust those goals if they're not working or are putting too much pressure on you.

And that's it. The year has a goal and a plan. Fancy joining me for the ride?


Mary Patrick said...

Very cool and good ideas, advise. Keep it going!

Lexa Cain said...

Plans are always nice, though mine always blow away like the wind. I'm glad you're keeping up Friday Funnies!