Monday, December 19, 2016


I've been reading a bit about ancient philosophy and science recently. Not due to any plan, they just happened to be the next books that I picked up from my shelves of books 'to be read'. One thing I noticed is this: for the most part, there was never a stupid question in their minds. If the question allowed thought to be directed towards a solution, it was a good question. If it wasn't, they found out why and moved on.

The comedian John Cleese has also stated the same thing when it comes to comedy writing. You start with something that's not good, but you develop it, play with it, twist it etc. Sometimes it turns out to be a bad idea, but it still shows you that something won't work. Other times it turns into a great idea.

So why is it when people who are of a lower educational ask simple questions, we make them feel small? Why do we do the same with children?

The ideas that came out of the ancients have, for the most part been, disproved, most of Aristotle's science for instance. But that doesn't stop the educated elite venerating them for laying the foundations of our modern science. Isaac Newtown's research into alchemy is little regarded by these same elites due to his furthering our knowledge of the universe and the laws that underpin it.

Yet, when it comes to people who haven't had their opportunities, these same elites laugh at and pour scorn on the questions asked by adults about life and the universe and their conclusions. Questions and conclusions that the ancients asked and came to.

"There is no such thing as a stupid question or answer. Only a stupid attitude to those who ask questions in order to seek answers."

This same arrogant attitude of the elite has been spilling over into all areas of life. Business, government, media etc. Anyone from the 'lower orders' who dares to question the elites is given a scathing put down, told they are stupid, and labelled as such.

All they are doing is making their voice known, asking a question and wanting an answer. When answers don't come, they come to their own conclusions based on what they know and see.

Given all that, is it any wonder that these 'uneducated' masses aren't listening any more? They'll find their own solutions. The elite won't like it.

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