Monday, September 26, 2016

Dear Diary

So, let me get this straight. Jeremy Corbyn has won the Labour leadership election with 61% of the vote, a bigger share than when he won last year and a lot of labour people are saying this is a bad thing.


Since he became leader, Labour membership has risen and more younger people are interested in voting for Labour: more than for a very long time.

Yet, MPs and many inside the party are saying this is a bad thing.

How about this: instead of whining about how bad things are going to get, use the extra support that Jeremy Corbyn has brought into the party as a foundation for the 2020 election.

Instead of complaining that he's unelectable, look at the myriad number of supporters he's got and find a way to use that to enlarge the support base across the country.

Why? If all you do is pursue power, you'll lose. The Tories are better at it and will change policies at the drop of a hat if it will keep them in power as they have no principles except the pursuit and maintenance of power. (Look at how they acted in 2015 for an example of that)

Corbyn stands for something other than soundbites and the pantomime that Parliament has become. He looks and acts comfortable in a suit and in casual, because he's his own man and that's why young people like him.

You have a choice: you can either complain and moan that 'this isn't the way you win elections', or you can use that enlarged support, then do what the Labour party did in 1945 and change the rules.


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