Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Dear Diary

Spring is in the air (at long last) and some people are talking about love. Specifically my love life, or lack thereof.

I've been putting some thought into this and had some interesting ideas, which can be summed up with two pictures.

1) I don't want a Rose.

Roses are prissy little plants that cannot stand by themselves. They grow in bushes, require a lot of work and just the right conditions to THINK about growing. They are high maintenance. Sure they look good, but for how long? A few days, a couple of weeks?And if you don't handle them correctly you get pricked by the thorns.

Also note the large amount of greenery attached to them, hiding the earth below, just in case anyone sees the manure that's required to make them grow.

A Rose for me?

No way.

Dandelions, on the other hand, can grow anywhere, and have you tried pulling their roots up? They may not be the prettiest flowers in the world, but they have a charm and beauty that's unique.

They last a long time, and even when the flower fades the resulting gentle bloom of white seeds is enough to calm the strongest anger. Ever seen how much fun kids have with them?

Dandelions for me.

2) I don't want a Princess.

Princesses of the popular imagination are damsels that need rescuing, pampering and are a lot of work.

Sure there are princesses who are strong and brave, but they tend to be the minority and become queens. They are strong and able to fight, whatever trials come their way.

Elizabeth I, Victoria, Catherine the Great and many others ruled wisely and well, while the likes of Boudica rose and led rebellions.

Prissy princesses who want to live in luxury will be avoided, not that they'd pay me much attention, but a warrior queen...you bet.

See you Friday.

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