Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Dear Diary: Selecting a book

Picking a book is difficult, especially if it's by an author you've never heard of. So how do you decide?

DO NOT read the first page or chapter. The amoiunt of work that goes into the first part of the book to catch your attention makes it a very diificult to judge the author's style by reading it.

The best method I've found is to open the book at a random middle page and read of couple of chapters. The middle is usually where the story builds and bad writers are shown up. It's where characters and worlds are built, and the story moved along at alternate fast and slow paces. This is where a good writer shows there true colours.

I've been testing this on some guinea pigs at the charity shop: kids. I've given them half a dozen books and then sugested they read the middle. Most of the books they rejected this way, but are happy with the ones they select. When they've read the opening chapter or page they are less ahppy with their choices.

A tested method for selecting a book. And tested on the hardest group of people to impress.

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