Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Dear Diary

So what's been happening?

- A fantastic four day weekend. Both boys out for most of it, so had time to chill, relax, read and drink tea. Didn't get anything done and it was fabulous.

- Scooter's busted. I over-oiled the chain and now it slips. I've had to walk to work. All that exercise! And I've got nature all over me!

- Might get a free car by the summer. I'll flog it and get a moped.

- Had to replace my PC's screen. Got a bigger one now.

- No writing done, no knitting done. See below

See you Friday

1 comment:

VEG said...

Well, it all sounds perfect to me! And I used to love my moped. Sure, trucks passed me on the road and smirked but it was freedom, damn it! And sometimes it would do 35mph! If I was on a steep incline anyway... :) Scooters are the best.