Wednesday, March 09, 2016

Dear Diary

- Early shift last week, late shift this week. Too tired to do anything but sleep and eat.

- One of those sentences is a lie.  Guess which one?

- I finally got myself some thicker wool to practice my knitting with, so when my young friend comes round and I'm in, we'll knit together again.

- Still not in much of a mood to do much as the depression still keeps my urge to conquer the world in check, but on the bright side I turn 53 in a month's time, which means I have just over a decade before retirement.

- I've taken the week off work for my birthday so I can chillout, relax and just enjoy doing as little as possible. I might even write a few words. And if you're wondering what to get me for my birthday, don't. I prefer time with people rather than gifts. So if you want to come over and enjoy a cuppa, bring some biscuits or a strawberry glazed doughnut and we'll chat for an hour or so and just enjoy the time.

- After three weeks, we have hot water again. Guess that means I have to take a bath now.

- After 8 months in my job, I still like it. Remarkable.

- I need an eye test.

- Had my mother over for dinner last Sunday as it was Mother's Day. Even cooked her roast potatoes. Then we watched Gravity together.

See you on Friday.

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Eric McLoughlin said...

Nobody gets to retire anymore! It goes on, and on, and on... etc.

We all want more money, and I think most people stop earning more when they can't physically do it anymore. I hope that one day I will find a time when I can stop working for others and just be.