Tuesday, February 02, 2016

Dear Diary

Not a bad week all told.

  • I'm getting the feeling that someone wants me as their boyfried. Not sure though.
  • Builders have started to relay the flat roof in the flats.
  • A local cafe is closing down. It was the only one that didn't play music.
  • Bought some more books...though that should surprise no one.
  • Chaotic week at work. If it could go wrong, it did. Networks down, PCs having a funny turn and printers who seemed to think they're no longer printers but ballet dancers.
  • Got paid.

  • Finished off the quiz questions...yes that DOES count.
  • Formatted my first book for paperback publishing. Came across an interesting little idea you may want to use. instead of using single spacing, use 1.1 line spacing. Makes it look more professional.

  • Nothing to see here, madam, move along

Random Thoughts:

Re-discovered a little thought picture on my PC. It said, 'If you didn't get paid for it, would you still get out of bed and do your job everyday?' I probably would.

Some say that television is dying and that within 20 years, live broadcasts will be a thing of the past. For general programming that may be true, but for major events, like sports and news, I doubt it. While there are those that cheer at this, what they are missing is what is replacing it.

Instead of TV when we're told, we have TV on demand. People are already glued to their screens for facbook and youtube, so when programs come to streaming services, people can watch what they want when they want. The likely outcome will be people watching all the time, not just at convenient times.

If we thought it was bad now, wait and see.

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Caitlin Lane said...

When it comes to writing, getting almost anything done pretty much always counts. ;) Sorry to hear about your cafe closing! My favorite coffee shop does play music, but it's pretty quiet so it blends well into the background.