Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Dear Diary

What's been happening this week then? Sit back and I'll tell you.

  • Several facepalm moments at work. Those moments when you hope the person on the other end of the phone hasn't bred.
  • Sill helping a friend. She's in temporary accomodation. With no cooker, no heating, no bed. It could be worse, but is that really the point? What kind of society treats people this way?
  • I've been able to get stuff done in the last week, stuff that I would normally put off. I wonder if, mentally, I've turned another corner?
  • Downloaded a dozen free books onto my kindle. Not just any books, but those without any reviews. After reading, I will leave a review. Every new author needs this.
  • Cleaned the kitchen. WOOOHOOOOO!
  • Reloaded Football Manager onto my PC as I was missing it. Then realised why I removed it in the first place.

  • Wrote a guest blog and a book review. Currently writing quiz questions (yes that DOES count) for a drama group fundraiser in February.

  • I thought about it!

Random Thoughts:

There comes a point in every parent's life when you cross the line between hoping your kids don't leave home to hurrying them out of the door so you can your life (and your home) back.

A lot of famous entertainers have died in the first few weeks of this year. With some of them, like Bowie and Lemmy, you wonder how they lived as long as they did. But it has reminded me that as I've got older, death has become less of a threat. It's not that I welcome it and look forward to dying, well not much, it's just that I've accepted that my life will end at some point.

I'm 16 years younger than Alan Rickman, which is not that much. I'm also at an age, 52, when friends and relatives are going to start dropping. (74 is the average lifespan for a man in the UK, not the minimum)

Part of me looks forward to what comes next. If there is nothing after death then I won't have to worry as I'll be gone and will have no more existence: a tragic waste of my talent and humility if you ask me.

If there is something, what will it be? An Angel-filled paradise where I get to see old friends and relatives, or will it be a Klingon style afterlife, full of blood wine and fighting?

Give it twenty or so years and I'll find out. Or not.

1 comment:

Janet Gogerty said...

It will probably turn out that you can only communicate after death if you're on Facebook - if so I shall be posting lots of revelations...
I like your idea of reviewing books that have had no reviews, I enjoy reading self published authors and have stuck to my task of reviewing everything I read in the hope that the Kindle Angel will look down favourably and guide people to my books!