Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Dear Diary

And this week we have....


  • Got my hair cut, then needed a shave as it looked as if my head was on upside down
  • Made of list of things to do and accomplished three of them, then rewrote the list, adding a few things, and have accomplished two of them.
  • Got back into the habit of reading at night.
  • Still taking in boxes for a friend. On the bright side, she has a temporary place to live before getting somewhere more permanent. She and her 8 year old daughter will not be homeless as such. Even if they hadn't provided her with somewhere, I would have put them up here. 
  • Done more cooking and not bought a takeaway this year.
  • Managed to take my brain to work this week.

  • Wrote an article for ACW on old technology that's making a comeback.
  • Nothing else at the moment.

  • Errrr....move along

Random Thoughts:

I've been reading through the book of Matthew, a little bit at a time, and come across something I'd seen before but had never hit me. It said that Christ made the cripples whole. That would mean legs and arms grew back. Imagine seeing that.

Last Saturday a young girl and her father came into the charity shop looking for a Harry Potter book, and as luck would have it we had the one she needed. Being the book-lover I am I said I could make some recommendations for other books if she wanted. The answer was no, but the three of us got onto the subject of books in general and I mentioned about putting shelving on the bedroom wall, which was what I have. The girl's eyes lit up and her last words were, "I want a library".

It leads me to conclude that reading is far from dead and is probably in better health than when I was a child. The kids that spend their time on game consoles would be the kids who slouched at home watching TV in my day. Those who hang around outside are the same as though who hung around outside when I was young.

I see more readers in today's youth then I saw when I was young.

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