Tuesday, January 05, 2016

Dear Diary....

The new year's up and running and my diary starts here.


  • Back to work. All I need to do now is find out where I left my brain.
  • Deleted several games from my PC. They were sucking my time away and I wasn't enjoying them.
  • Started taking in boxes and bags for a friend who's moving and doesn't have anywhere to go yet.
  • Nearly vacuumed my bedroom.
  • Nearly got my hair cut

  • This blog?
  • Nothing else yet.

  • On my to do list
  • Got caught up with reading instead.

Random thoughts:

I've been going over a few comedy routines in my head over the past few days, all of which are based around my life and the way the world is. I haven't written any of them down yet, though I do have a book for that purpose. The worst of it is the book is within reach of my computer desk

I've also watched the goings on of the Labour party over the past few days. From the coverage in the media it seems they all have their knives out for Jeremy Corbyn (the leader). Why? Could it be because he's not entertaining enough for them and actually wants to help people instead of use them? Maybe I'm being too cynical here, but as the media is mostly run by moguls who see the papers/radio/tv as a means to make a profit, could it be that they see him as a threat to that?

It also got me thinking about party politics in general. Corbyn is being touted as the man who will destroy the electability of the Labour party and take them back to the bad old days, because he's shaking up the system. It reminds me of another party leader who did the same thing when taking over a party. The old consensus between the top two parties was stultifying, but the newly installed leader of the Tories, Margaret Thatcher, shook it up. It took her nearly ten years to sort the party out.

Just a thought.

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