Wednesday, December 16, 2015

2016: Another New Year

What will 2016 hold? I have no idea.

If I were to look at a graph of the past five years I would see ups, downs and plateaus, but the overall picture would be upwards. I have had some very low moments, have some ongoing troubles and a few other things I wish I could remove from my life, but I'm in a better position at the end of 2015 than at the beginning. So there is something to smile about.

What do I hope for next year?

1 - That I write down some goals. I've made some vague plans in the past, but not written them down anywhere, so this time I'm going least I hope I will.

2 - Finish off a novel and put my two current ones in paperback. The last part of that is the easiest one to achieve, while the first one will take effort and the ability to tear myself away from Facebook...and PC games.

3 - Dejunk my flat. I'm gonna do this one room at a time, starting with the store room. That way I'll make space for the stuff I remove from the other rooms.

4 - Do more exercise. I have an exercise bike in my bedroom that I hang my coats on. [Facepalm] I shall endeavour to use it for the purpose for which is was made...or maybe I already am?

5 - Read more. I already read quite a bit, but I've been slacking lately so I need to reinvigorate the reading muscles. That my middle son has occupied the front room as his bedroom hasn't helped, but I can work round that.

6 - Eat better. Simple really. I just need to spend a little bit more time in the kitchen. It's not as if I don't have the ability or the food.

7 - Keep a diary. Not a paper one, I've never made that work. What I'm going to do is use one blog per week as a diary to keep track of my goals and how I'm doing in keeping to them and/or obtaining them. Naturally I shall use wit and humour in the writing: what else would you expect?

8 - Knit. I've decided to take up knitting. Just because I can and it's relatively simple. At least I hope it is. I did do some knitting when I was (much) younger and I can recall enjoying it a little because it involved making something. If you're lucky I may even post a few photos. Eventually I may take up sewing and crochet.

9 - Keep making people laugh. Shouldn't be too difficult with my face.

10 - Focus on things. I tend to phase out a lot during the day and get distracted. Not all the time, but sometimes. Daydreaming and letting my mind wander are good for me, but not when I'm driving.

There's my list. What are you planning? Aside from coming back on Friday for a good laugh.


Riley J. Froud said...

Great goals Martin, I really hope you succeed!

Janet Gogerty said...

I love knitting, I took it up again ten years ago when I felt a creative urge - I realised later it was writing the urge was for, but I kept up the knitting and crochet. Knitting and computer technology also have a lot in common as they both use a binary system! But knitting is more relaxing.