Friday, October 09, 2015

Friday Fun, Complete with April Fools' Day

Okay, I know it's several months until April Fools' Day, but I gotta share this lot with you. Some great japes from the past, including a fake punch-up live on air.

First up, some from the BBC archives, a list of hoaxes from the BBC show Nationwide (which explains the myth about straight bananas), some from other media outlets in the UK and finally....the punch-up.

That went out live, by the way.

And now for the pictures.

I thought ALL cats were demons anyway. Have a great weekend.

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Lexa Cain said...

The BBC "altercation" was hilarious! Reminded me of the great Monty Python. I loved all your pics! I especially liked the penguin one, the Star Wars kids' balloons, and I must admit to being enamored of the little kitten with the purr of peace. Thanks!!! :)