Tuesday, August 25, 2015

The Co-Op

The Starfish Publishing Co-Op is rising to it's feet as it prepares to dominate the world of publishing. Nothing can stand in its way as it seeks out new writers from many civilisations, as it boldly goes where no other Co-op has gone before...

...something like that anyway.

What is true is that this new venture is already spreading its wings across the globe with members in Europe and North America. We have a Facebook account, a Twitter feed and a blog.

The aim is to help each other on the way to publication, be it self-publishing or traditional publishing. There'll be support via a Facebook group, Author Chat Forum, as well as publicity through each and every member.

It's a small start, but if you don't begin, you'll never finish.

If you're an author and want to join, you'll have to come to the Author Chat Forum and apply there. Once you've been accepted, then you can find out how to go about getting involved.

If you're a reader, take a browse on the author and genre pages and see what takes your fancy.

See you on Friday.

p.s. Don't forget about the Bookshop Bistro, new entries every day.

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