Monday, June 22, 2015

Keren Dibbens-Wyatt

Today I'm blessed to have Keren Dibbens-Wyatt.


Positive Sisterhood: Restoring the Integrity and Purpose of Christian Women.

What’s this then?
This is a book that has been bubbling away inside of me for most of my life and it sums up my head and my heart on the issue of women’s rights and how that marries with my Christian faith. It’s a set of jump leads for the soul, it’s a pouring out of wisdom, it’s common sense latched onto a little bit of contemplative mystery. I love it, even though I’m British and not really supposed to say that about my own work.

Who’s it for and what’s it about?
Obviously aimed at women in the Church, but men are reading (and enjoying) it as well, the book sets out to answer some timely questions. Basically, what has gone wrong between the two sexes, both spiritually and practically, and what needs to happen in both those areas to make it right again. It’s a little bit academic, but not enough to make your brain hurt. It’s a little bit entertaining, but not enough for you not to take it seriously. It’s part polemic and part theology and part soul cry. Think The Female Eunuch written for the Church.

So are you a scary feminist?
My vision is about healing the gender divide, not growing it. But the book does address centuries of patriarchy and suggest sensible new readings of bible passages that might make you engage your grey matter and stretch your prayer life a little further than they’ve been taken on this issue before. I don’t think it is radical in God’s eyes, I think it is about coming back to our senses.

Why did you write the book?
I wrote it because all the Christian writing I’ve come across that dares to mention the “f” word Feminism, is either brilliantly academic or feels incomplete, leaving me wanting more guidance and a  more comprehensive discussion of our day-to-day reality partnered with teaching on the relevant Scripture.

What else do you write?
This book is rather a departure for me. I describe myself as a Christian mystic and I write mostly out of contemplative and listening prayer: stories, theology, seeings and understandings, poetry, prayer and short articles. A 300 page non-fiction book was never on my radar or to do list! Which just shows how amazing and utterly surprising our God is. I’m honoured to have him as my boss and this book is dedicated to him (or her, depending on how radical you like to be with your pronouns).

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Caitlin Lane said...

Although I'm not of the Christian faith, Positive Sisterhood does sound like it an intriguing read. Unfortunately, some fairly radical views have been labeled as "feminist," making actual feminism widely disregarded by a significant number of people. Sounds like you have taken great care to address current feminist issues while also applying it to your faith. Congratulations on the publication!

Keren Dibbens-Wyatt said...

Thank you, Caitlin. It's an emotive subject, for sure, which has relevance to us all, which is probably why it stirs up our offensive and defensive natures. Hopefully the book goes deeper, and considers feminism to be just what it says on the tin (or in the dictionary) - simply the belief (and its application) that women and men are equal. Thanks for your comment. :)