Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Janet Gogerty

And today's guest is....Janet Gogerty. Over to the lady.


Why did you take up writing and when?

I used to say ‘I could write a book about that’ but never got around to serious writing until I joined a writing group eight years ago. We had to write every week and read out loud; once I’d started writing I could not stop!

What inspires you to write?

People, places and situations. I like to write about ordinary people, but usually something amazing happens to them and I enjoy discovering their reactions!

Why did you self-publish?

Once I had finished my first novel ‘Brief Encounters of the Third Kind’ (long, with no genre) I followed the route recommended, Winchester Writers’ Conference, Writers’ & Artists’ Year Book, chapters sent out to agents. In the meantime I was writing my second novel, ‘Quarter Acre Block’, limited to less than 100,000 words and aimed for a cosier readership; I then started down the same path… In the meantime publishing was changing, Writers’ Magazine was giving us different instructions! A writer friend published his book on Amazon Kindle, showed us how to do it… inspired by the realisation there was no financial outlay, my husband was happy to provide a great deal of technical help. I love real books, but also loved the idea that my sister in Australia or a housebound friend in rural location could buy my book in a matter of minutes.

Two characters who had walked into ‘Brief Encounters’ uninvited were begging for their stories to be told… I enjoyed writing the second and third books in the Brief Encounters Trilogy knowing they were heading straight for publication on Amazon Kindle.
As I was amassing quite a collection of short stories I also decided to publish two anthologies.

Have you won any awards or been published in an anthology?

In 2011, I won second prize in the Doris Gooderson short story competition and received a cheque (which impressed my husband) and a copy of the Wrekin Writers’ Anthology; I was thus hooked on competitions and have entered hundreds. I have stories in several anthologies now.

An amusing moment came at the Christchurch Writers’ Competition 2013; at the reception extracts from entries were read out on stage and I was pleased a young man with a honeyed voice read the opening of ‘Experiment’, a story about Gregory a writer of science fiction. When I went up to collect my second prize the female judge expressed surprise I was a woman. I don’t think writers or readers should be constrained by gender or genre!

Do you prefer to write short stories or novels?

I love doing both, I still go to writing groups and enjoy the feedback for short stories and extracts from my novels.

I want to keep the short stories as another string to my bow, the paper anthologies make handy Christmas and birthday presents!

Where, aside from Amazon, have you had your work published?

My first story in print was in ‘First Edition’ magazine, which briefly graced the lower shelves of WH Smith and Borders. Borders and the magazine suffered a similar demise shortly after. I have a story in ‘Dorset Voices’ – Roving Press, foreword by Prince Charles!

My only audio story is in Audio Arcadia’s Short Stories Volume One. The most recent anthologies are An Eclectic Mix Volumes One and Two – I have two stories in each, they are also published by Audio Arcadia, I love their bright covers.

At my website www.ccsidewriter.co.uk  you can read fresh flash fiction and my 'Beachwriter’s Blog'. I also write a blog ‘Sandscript’ on Goodreads.

What's your current writing project?

My fifth novel, ‘At The Seaside Nobody Hears You Scream’. I have written two chapters. It will follow a character, ‘Camper Van Detective’, introduced in a short story ‘The Ambassadors’ recorded in Audio Arcadia Volume One and published in An Eclectic Mix Volume One.

Do you have a writer’s fantasy?

A close relative goes on an important mission to the USA and a very important person asks if he is related to the author of the same name.’


And with that, I bid you adieu and I will see you on Friday.

Friday, June 26, 2015

Friday Fun

Well, that's my two weeks off work finished. I relaxed a bit, but mostly helped out with a play, the charity shop and good friend. Got a few thousand words written too.

Put that drink down now, or you'll end up with something coming out of your nose.