Wednesday, April 29, 2015

New Writing

I've got a new writing project. The third novel I was working on has stalled for some reason and I just cannot get it going. So I've switched my focus.

It's an idea I've sketched out in my head and on various scraps of paper, but I've made a few changes in the last few weeks that make it far better. In my opinion anyway. For starters, I've changed the historical period.

Originally it was set in the here and now, but I've moved it back to late 19th Century Britain. Also, instead of just being a standard historical piece, I'm making it steampunk. It's still a comedy (it makes me laugh anyway) but also has a surprising guest star who's travelled over from another piece of modern comedy fiction.

I've written the opening sequence, which is about 300 words so far (hence I didn't post last night), and have had a go at Victorian values, politicians and the idle rich.

Although I know what's going to happen in general, I can't wait to see how the characters play this one out.

Next week, I'll post a little taster.

Have fun.

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