Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Invite to Write

Well, guess what happened? I was invited to write up a script for a Murder Mystery Evening for the drama group.

It's now done and the cast are going to start work on it soon. It's mostly an ad-lib performance from them, but there are certain scripted parts that needed to be copied from the booklets so clues can be revealed at the right time and place.

Did I just say booklets? I did. The evening's adapted from a murder mystery game, and we intend to get the audience involved in guessing who the murderer is. They'll also get dinner.

Once I'd got the scripts sorted out, I then had to write some directions and put it in an organised manner, as well as add a few lines that would lead the cast from the stage to the audience. It gave me a chance to give the two lighter characters some lines.

So, it looks as though this year could be a good one for me. I'll have a hand in creating this May's murder evening and may have my own play performed in November, which I've offered to direct. Two plays in one year...kinda. Not bad if I do say so myself.

The sales of the books are keeping up as well, an average of one copy per month with no advertising, just people dropping by and having a peek, coming across it randomly.

All of which means, to me at least, that I'm happiest being a slow burner, letting things build up gradually. In the ten years since I started writing seriously I've come a long way and learnt a lot. It may take me another ten years before I earn anything like enough to consider it a second income, but hey, what's the hurry.

I'll take heart from what I've achieved, admire what's coming and start planning next year's events.

See you Friday.

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Valentina Hepburn said...

Congratulations, Martin. You've been a great friend and supporter of my writing and I wish you every success. You deserve it. (Review over on Amazon for you. Really enjoyed Tempers Fugit)