Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Tuesday Titters

I'm not tired, I'm not grumpy (no grumpier than usual anyway) and reasonably well-fed. So today I'm gonna catch up with the links I missed out on Friday.

  1. Some people are just great with creative ideas. These expectant mothers have painted their bellies in impressive styles.
  2. Sometimes a book title sounds an excellent idea, until the public sees the double entendre. It's even worse when the books are aimed at children.
  3. Architects: love or hate them they can provide moments of inspiration and pure stupidity.
  4. Kids are also very inventive, especially this bunch answering questions in tests.
  5. Having a bad day at work? I doubt any of your mistakes will be as public as these ones.
  6. How are you at insults? Me neither. But some people, like these famous individuals, have got it just right.
  7. How good is your general knowledge? Really? That good. How many of these facts, or these or even these, do you know?
  8. Song lyrics sometimes paint a utopian world where true love is found and couples split but still remain friends. Here are some song lyrics that have been changed to give a slightly more realistic nuance.

And with that, I bid you adieu and hope you have a great week.

1 comment:

Nick Wilford said...

Ha! Some of those design fails beggar belief. What do you do with half a toilet?