Tuesday, January 06, 2015

Too Much, Too...Not Quite So Young

What do you do when you have several ideas floating around your head?

I work on them all.

At the moment I'm editing the first draft of my third novel, writing another play, compiling jokes for a routine that I may, most likely may not, do at some unspecified point in the future and mull over other ideas for TV shows and/or plays and novels.

That's a lot. My mind switches between them depending on where I am at the time. At work, during quiet times like the late shifts, I focus on a play or one story thread of the novel. At home I write jokes, only one in ten of which are in any way funny, and also write parts of the play or novel. I also run those other ideas through my head.

It's the way I work. The head thing I do is how I came up with the ideas for my first two novels. I act them out in my head, and sometimes in the front room, which freaks my son out when he catches me, run through scenarios and storylines, characters, getting them into focus, so that when I eventually come to write them down I have an almost fully formed story in my head. It also means I'm not short of inspiration for a while.

It's not the way everyone can work and there are times when it's just too much for me, but as I showed in a blog last year, my mind isn't always one I can control and needs to run wild for a time.

See you on Friday.

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Anonymous said...

I too work on several projects at a time and like you, work them out in my head and often times in front of others - much to their dismay. :) - My mind, much like me, has always been wild.. Happy New Year!