Tuesday, December 02, 2014

The Play Wot I Wrote

When it comes to play writing, I'm no Ernie Wise, though I do have short, fat hairy legs, but I have finished the edits.

It didn't take as much work as I thought it would, or need as much editing. Various parts needed clarifying, the stage directions needed co-ordinating and I've added some lighting instructions. I've also removed some of the stage props from the play. Out have gone cupboards and a stove, in have come a couple of personal props.

It's currently with a friend to give it the once over for story consistency and historical accuracy, so I'm going to wait and see what she thinks before I put it to my drama group to assess for a performance next year.

Sadly I may have lost the young lady I was thinking of for the part of Elena, the twelve year old. She graduates next year, but is unlikely to return home as she loves the life she has in Liverpool. Which means that someone else has the chance to step forward and be a star...but not me. I may be able to carry off being a girl, but not twelve.

As I've gone through the play I've realised that the juxtaposition of dramatic and comedic parts works very well, and I've also managed to have a will they, won't they love affair which is never sorted until the last scene and even then you're not sure. But many other strands are tied up, so I feel it's alright to leave a few loose ends and let the audience make up their own minds about the future.

The light relief in all this is Elena, the twelve year old. Innocent, playful, childlike and a perfect foil for her older sister, Elizabeth, who's bossy and straight forward. Margaret and John, whose lives have had many tragedies and events in common, are the centre piece of the story. Both widowed by violence they stand together and, with the help of others, arrive safely at the end of the story.

Along the way Elena gets shot and people die. John is interviewed by the local constable and the mayor for the crimes he's committed in the past and it's touch and go whether he goes to jail or not.

I've tried to give it as much historical accuracy as I can, but I've also taken a few liberties for the sake of the story and a modern audience.

All in all it should take about an hour and a half to perform. I'm getting more excited by the week.

See you Friday for some fun.

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DRC said...

yay! hope this goes well for you :)