Friday, November 07, 2014

Friday Fun Plus

I'm at home and in my Pyjamas. C'mon weekend, I'm ready for ya.

First up, how about some life hacks. 15 to help with life in general, 15 for the bachelor life, and 23 for parents. Architects are not known for their sense of humour, though sometimes you have to wonder what they were taking when these things went up. And as for these playgrounds...well. But sometimes they get it right, as these listed buildings in England show.

It's true that women live longer than men and here are 25 reasons why. But men and women do live together in almost perfect harmony as these 10 love notes show.

Now for a dose of economics and the various forms of capitalism around the world. And still with the news from around the world, an Aussie who parked his plane outside the pub, and an Egyptian bus driver who tried to outwit a drugs test and failed. Big time.

Lastly, what can photoshop do? Anything you want it to.

Now, it's picture time.

And finally....

Have a great weekend.


Fran said...

'Waiting for the perfect man' made me giggle, because I'm just re-reading Great Expectations!

Nearly Martha said...

Loved the Anne Lamott quote - now am I brave enough to do it?

Lisa Shafer said...

Now I want a phone booth sofa!