Friday, October 03, 2014

Friday Fun

Well, what a week. Day off Monday, then on Tuesday discovered I was going to Wakefield on Wednesday...she wasn't happy about carrying me, but hey.

First up, it's Halloween at the end of the month, so here are some creative costume ideas and some fabulous pumpkin carvings. Enjoy.

What's your purpose in life? Want to find out? Here's seven questions to help you. Fed up with marketing emails? This guy had a great way of dealing with one of them. Talking of texts, this is what social media can do if you're loud on an aircraft...and drunk...and obnoxious.

Finally, what parents of boys know only too well, and what parents of girls miss out on.

Now, prepare to laugh. It's picture time.

Makes you wonder why they need a sign like that...or maybe best not to think about it. Have a great weekend.

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Lexa Cain said...

Sorry I haven't been visiting. I took a month long bloggy break.

I loved these. The one about "Time out changes a man" had me on the floor. Thanks for the laughs!