Tuesday, October 14, 2014


How would you like to read some excerpts from the the first edit of my next novel?

I knew you'd like to.


The opening paragraph:

For Ettore, this was the moment he’d worked for. Years of preparation, dozens of protest marches and rallies, several periods in jail, and now he was here in front of the crowd, leading them on to a new future. The people, his people, were ready for him to take his place in the vanguard of a new order, calling for him as the man on stage prepared the audience for Ettore’s arrival. They were whooping and clapping, delighted that, after all these years of repression, after the torture and the pain, they finally had a comedian who could tell them funny jokes.

Other selected parts:

The journey to Jupiter station from Eden, as usual, had taken less than a day, while the journey from Jupiter station to the Moon, as usual, was taking over a day. It wasn’t that the ship travelling through the inner system was slower, far from it. It was old, yes, but it could still do the run to Kessel in less than a day. No, the Biennial Falconer was travelling under restrictions imposed by the theocracies of Earth who, for purely political reasons, didn’t want anything travelling faster than light inside the asteroid belt.

It wasn't the smell that caused people to wonder what had happened in apartment 416, nor the thousands of flies that seemed to live in and around the doors and windows, the occupants of the Saint John Paul II apartments were used to them. Nor was it the rats that seemed to flourish all of a sudden as they made a refreshing change of diet, if you could catch one of them. What caught their attention was the sudden appearance of two hundred members of the God Squad.

Before the police could enter 416, a fumigation team arrived to disinfect the block, while the resulting cockroach deaths brought forth a black carpet in the hallways which fed the locals for two days. Those on the fourth floor took advantage of the fumigation to get their laundry done and have a wash to boot.
"Get back inside,” the vicar in charge of the top stairwell squad said. “There's nothing to see here.”
“Of course there is,” an elderly woman said. “First time I've seen this many priests since the last Pope was arrested for blasphemy.”

Ben was not looking forward to this moment. He'd been putting it off for two days, even though he knew it could make things worse. It wasn’t that he’d done anything wrong, in many ways he’d kept every way. In fact, he’d kept his promise completely. The reaction he would going to get would be hostile, loud and probably violent, which was another very good reason to call his wife from the moon.


There you go, an exclusive sneak peek.

p.s. It now has the working title of 'I, Pope Plot'.

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DRC said...

Haha... the part about the fumigation and the priests did make me chuckle :)