Tuesday, September 09, 2014

Stataholics Anonymous

I thought I'd look at my blog stats for the past week and month to see what's been happening. Some of it is strange.

The four search terms that people have used and ended up on my blog in the past week are 'delibately' (sic), 'go into the water they said', 'martin willoughby' (who's searching for me like that I do not know) and 'revenge is sweet quotes'. 11 people found me via  the 'symphony tools' website.


As for the worldwide audience, the top 5 in terms of people are the USA, Russia, UK, Ukraine and the Netherlands.

Naturally, the Friday Fun posts are the most popular, but my piece on depression also rated quite highly.

Going back over the past month and the search terms are odder. 'monday tomorrow images', 'awesome lines' and 'jokes to make your boyfriend laugh' are my favourites. And, there were 21 people coming via symphony tools, which is a site that helps you publish images on the net.

Seven of the ten most popular pages over the past month have been Friday Funs, while of the other three, two were about writing and one was the tribute to Robin Williams. The top five locations were the USA, UK, Russia, Ukraine and Turkey.

Maybe they need more of laugh in Russia and the Ukraine at the moment. I hope they find peace too.

See you on Friday.


Karen S. said...

When I look at my blog stats, it's like an alarm going off in my head! The traffic is tremendous, while the comments are way off the mark of catching up!

E.B. Black said...

I share your pictures on twitter using the symphony tools feature. :) I love your pictures and I love those tools. But it hasn't been working for me lately, which makes me sad.