Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Spilling Mistaikes

If I'd been given a pound everytime I heard someone say, 'indie books have so many spelling mistakes in them', I'd be able to start my own bookshop.

Here's the truth: Yes, they do have spelling mistakes in them.

Here's another truth: So do 'properly published' books.

In my copy of Robert Harris' book Enigma, there is a glaring one about two thirds of the way in. Instead of the word keep, there is the word deep. Know what else? The book was originally published in 1996 and the edition I have was edited in 2001. What is more, that particular copy was printed in 2005. After nine years they still hadn't removed the error and it's probably still there in newer editions.

So, to all you moaning minnies out there who think that 'proper books' have no spelling mistakes, think again. Even with all the editing prowess at their disposal the 'proper publishers' make mistakes, when, by rights, they shouldn't. It's called being human.

See you on Friday.


DRC said...

Here Here! You can go over a piece until you're blue in the face and still miss those spilling mistaikes.

Laura Clipson said...

To be honest, it's hard to find a book that doesn't have at least one mistake in it. Nobody's perfect.

Karen S. said...

You are spot on! I discovered one that used the word break when it should have been brake!

Lexa Cain said...

Too true!