Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Filling Out The Day

I have a sometimes interesting job, but one that often keeps me at work till 8pm or working weekends. The upside of this is that I can write when it all goes slack...like right now.

I have the written outline of my third novel with me and intend to spend time this evening, in between work or course, typing it up, adding plot points, filling out the story and getting towards finishing the first draft.

It's not the ideal way to work, but then I'm in a position, like many budding writers, of not having a set time to write and having life interrupt me when I do.

There are many impediments to writing on a regular basis that writers face, such as getting a new job or promotion, moving house, illnesses in the family, shopping, cooking etc, the list is long.

I'm fairly lucky in that I don't have a family to look after, but a lot of writers do, which adds a whole new level of difficulty and requires a partner and kids who understand the need to have time to write.

Considering this, those who have self-published there work to a high standard, which is a high percentage of them, have even more work to do.

So spare a thought for those you know who write. Give them a bit of space and encouragement.

Now, where's that sheet of paper.

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Julie Luek said...

I think writers with day jobs must be very focused to find their time. I cheer all of you on!