Tuesday, March 25, 2014

The Story So Far

I'm about halfway through my third novel, having taken a short break to earn a living. Now I've gotten used to working full time, and using my brain to do so, I can get back to writing without feeling exhausted all the time.

So where am I?

About halfway through.

Mae has had a revelation that not everyone has had a good life on Earth and that her mother hasn't been making things up or exaggerating when she told Mae about her own upbringing. She's cried her tears and now has a plan...though she hasn't told me what it is yet.

The plans to overthrow the Pope are well underway and the Chinese fleet is about the enter the Mediterranean to 'restore order' in the Catholic Theocracy...after it's been invited to do so by the rebels in Rome.

Carla's been shouting at Anne for letting Mae go to the planet, till Alan and Anne pointed out that neither of them could have stopped her as she's too much like her mother.

Alan and the policeman (who's name I have still to decide upon) are following clues about the dead girl, dead priest and dead terrorist who were found in an apartment block in Rome.

Igor has managed to keep himself invisible from everyone outside the apartment block, fed the residents of it and played a game of catch with the children.

J, the head of the Vatican secret service, is now dead, having been mysteriously killed, just after the person planning the overthrow of the Pope showed J just how vulnerable he is by making holes in J's desk.

The plot thickens, the threads are coming together, the writer's left a lot of holes to fill in later as it's a first draft, while the characters are sitting in a corner with a cup of tea waiting for him to tell them what to do next, fearing he'll make them all look silly in the upcoming chapters.

Which he will do.

Stay tuned for more mayhem from the keyboard of Martin Willoughby.

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The Vegetable Assassin said...

Working full time AND writing a full novel? Simultaneously? I am full of admiration for that! I did NaNo in 2012 while doing that and thought I was living in the Twilight Zone. Not enough brain to go around. :)