Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Stat Time

I thought I'd take a look at some stats and see what's been happening behind the scenes.


Of the top 10 blogs that have been viewed in the past month, 5 have been for Friday Fun, one of them from back in June 2013. Not a real surprise there as those are the ones I spread widely on Twitter and seem to be firmly established in people's minds. Interestingly, 15 people have had a look at the Who Am I tab in the past month, probably trying to work out what kind of lunatic writes these posts.

I've also passed the 50K mark for all time pageviews at 50,111 (YEEEHAAH). Okay not as impressive as some people, but I'm proud of it nonetheless.


The top referral site is Facebook. Anyone surprised at that? Not me. The more surprising ones are Pinterest in second place and Google in third. Google I can half understand, but why Pinterest? Are you all sharing the funnies over there?


The big question is how far my influence and fame has spread. Or should that be infamy? Either way, I've been far and wide. The top two places for readers are the US and the UK. In 8th place is Indonesia, at least for the last month. In the all-time stats Ukraine and Latvia take 9th and 10th place, Ukraine being 7th in the past month.

Canada features quite highly in both the all-time and the monthly lists, though I have a feeling that may be down to one person.

Who knows how far and wide I'll go in the next few years?

See you on Friday.


Lisa Shafer said...

I pin a fair number of your Friday fun stuff onto Pinterest. I'm sure people are clicking though to your blog from them. (And I have almost 1200 followers on Pinterest, so people do see the stuff.)

Lisa Shafer said...
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Anonymous said...

I suspect your Ukranian visits may be dropping off significantly. I especially love your Friday posts because no matter what kind of a day I'm having I'm guaranteed a smile on your post. :)