Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Making An Internet Impact

I had a surprise today. I typed my name into Google and there I was, on the first page. This blog appears on the first page of a Google search for my name.


Not only that, but in the images section, a photograph of me is second in the list, and boy do I look handsome, not to mention modest, but I'm too humble to mention my modesty.

It made me think about all the promotion I haven't done over the past few years, yet still manage this level of unimportance. Admittedly it's only if you type my name, and who's going to do that, aside from me and few assassins, but it's still an interesting presence online.

In the images section my books come up a few times too, as do variations on my face, including a rather saucy one of me looking down a woman's cleavage. Okay, that was a publicity shot for a play, Communicating Doors, but it's still there fairly high up.

The big question is, am I making too much of this? More relevantly, does it matter? In terms of my current status as an author, probably not, but when agents and/or publishers do look for me online, it won't be a bad thing. It will show that I have established an online presence of sorts, ranking reasonably well in Google's search engine.

Will it make a difference to their desire to sign me up? Maybe, maybe not. In short, I don't know what impact this will have or could have on any future writing career or even if it will be relevant, but it is interesting and, I have to say, ego-boosting.

I did try typing in the titles of my two books with some interesting results too. I found out that Tempers Fugit is also the name of a gamers' group on Steam and the title of an episode of a short lived comedy program starring Mike Mcshane and Sandi Toksvig.

Whatever, it was fun to do.


Chloe said...

Have you ever tried this on a computer that you've never used before? I ask because search engines are sneaky and if you've ever visited a web page before they'll put it much higher up the rankings - assuming that's what you're looking for. So if you've ever been on your blog or twitter etc. on your computer that will drastically boost your search results.

However, I did just try and search for you on a phone that "doesn't know you" and your blog is still on the first page so you're obviously doing alright!

Optimistic Existentialist said...

I am not sure how I feel being that "searchable" but I also know that I am not an author so mine is more out of a privacy concern. When I type in my first and last name, my blog is the first thing that shows up too. I had no idea!

Julie Luek said...

I've typed in my name, as Chloe suggested, from different computers. Yeesh-- amazes me what pops up (kind of creepy). I know it's all part of building a platform and important but it does kinda creep out my introverted nature.

Lexa Cain said...

That's really interesting. I tried really hard to come up with a pen name and a book title that weren't used for anything else so that people searching for me would have an easier time. But maybe I should have chosen something well known and gotten people browsing for other things. :)