Tuesday, January 14, 2014

I Will....

...Get more writing done.

Now I've got into a settled job that doesn't require me to spend aeons away from home, I can get more writing done. My third novel is 25% done in terms of story, but only 15% in terms of writing. There are scenes I need to flesh out and story to be written, but it's in good shape.

I've also discovered something about one of my characters, that I didn't know before. He went to Earth to scatter his mother's ashes in the Mediterranean and that's how he came to be involved in espionage and the modernising of the papacy by the new Pope in the Vatican.

WHAT? I hear you say.

You heard correctly. He scattered his mother's ashes in the Med. Oh you, reacted to the bit about the Vatican did you? Sorry I misunderstood.

The background is that at the end of the 24th century the Theocracies on Earth are finding it harder to get along, and cracks are showing. That the two christian governments work together to outvote everyone else, who either abstain or vote for themselves, makes it harder for the other five. Then the Confucians decide to help overthrown the new, reforming Pope and put a suitable person on the throne, using a rebel movement inside the Catholic government.

The colonies are determined to prevent this as they are trying to help the new Pope with his plan to open Earth to colonial trade and diplomacy, thereby advancing humanity back into the modern age from the backwaters of 21st century technology, theology and politics.

So far, the hero/heroine/robot have landed on Earth and are being taken to a brothel from where they'll conduct their investigations.

Confused? Worried? Good. More will be revealed as I write.

See you on Friday.

p.s. I haven't got a title for this book yet, but I'm sure one will leap out at me soon.

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Milo James Fowler said...

Having read two of your books thus far (three, if I count the short story collection), I'd say this sounds like a Willoughby Winner. Bon voyage, good sir.