Tuesday, December 03, 2013

First Giveaway...

...Is on Friday and I'll be using Rafflecopter to decide the winner so it'll be fair and logical...kind of.

What can you win? Two comedy ebooks in a format of your choice.

Alan Radford, Carla Neill and Mae Clarke are family who've never met, separated by time, space and an insufferably arrogant man. All reclusive in their own way, they must forge a bond to stand the test of time and every problem the universe can throw at them. Either that or cower in the corner until things go away.

They have allies everywhere. Igor, Mae's trusty robotic companion, Anne McLintock and the crew of the Dravid, and the whole population of the colonies who are eager to see whether a 300 year old man and a six month old teenager can survive Carla's violent temper.

Thrills, spills, bug eyed monsters and the answer to the ultimate question: Why does everyone in the universe speak English?

Alan, Carla and Mae are back. Deal with it. This time they're going to the moon to see the Apollo 13 lander. They know it's a fake, the colonies know it's a fake, God knows it's a fake, but Earth's Theocracy and a bombastic, arrogant archeology professor think otherwise. 

When the lander turns into a weapon and starts ripping its way through the colonial base on the moon, only one man can save them. Benjamin Keown, the marine assigned to protect Alan and his family.  

Who will win, who will die, who will drink tea with God? These questions and more will be answered in Apollo The Thirteenth.

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