Tuesday, December 17, 2013

And The Winners Are....

...very lucky people to have won two books by a fabulous new author...ME!

That's enough self-promotion for now. Congratulate the following two people.

Lynda Schmeichel


Paul Trembling

Emails are winging their way to these lucky people as you read this

On another, slightly more sombre note, a great man died last week and was buried on Sunday: Nelson Mandela. For me, part of his greatness came not from what he achieved on the world stage, but from the example he set after being released from jail. He held no bitterness to the past or those who sent him to jail, but worked for the betterment of South Africa. 

Thanks to him, and FW de Clerk, there were no recriminations, only a Truth and Reconciliation commission, where people could tell what they did knowing it was now in the past and would not be raked over. It's an example that no other nation or group that I know of have followed, but one that many nations and organisations could do with following.

Here are a few of his words.

I hope we will see his like again, many times over, or the world may not survive.

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Lisa Shafer said...

Mandela reached across countries and races and time. :)