Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Driving Behind Lorries

If you've done any amount of driving, you'll be familiar with the back of a lorry (Truck for those of you in North America). Huge juggernauts you can't overtake on single carriageways, that hold you up, frustrate you and cover your windscreen in dirt.

To the hoardes unpublished authors, they're a little like the published writer.

Every time we look up from editing or writing, we see these hallowed people who have made it to the land of opportunity, who can see things we cannot see and have clear roads in front of them.

Okay, it's not quite like that, but when we're unpublished (or unagented) it can feel as if the path is blocked by a huge object standing in our way.

Just remember that the lorry will not always be on your stretch of road and you will, if you're patient, get past them. You may be covered in all kinds of muck, had several hairy moments when you had to break hard, but the journey will end.

Enjoy your week.


Lisa Shafer said...

This is a great analogy.

Martin Willoughby said...

Lisa: Thank you.

Julie Luek said...

Martin, what a lovely encouragement. I always try to remember that my journey is unique and has its own special purpose and mission. It helps me keep the envy monster and ego needs at bay!