Tuesday, October 01, 2013

Needing A Hero?

There are times in our lives when we despair, when the future seems so far away that it is an impossible task to reach it. What we forget is how many times we've thought that and discovered we do have the resources, the courage and the ability to get beyond it all.

The future isn't always as we want it to be, but we get there in the end and, sometimes at least, it's better than we expected.

Four and a half years ago I was in hospital attached to a drip after taking an overdose. As much as I wanted to be an author or an actor, I saw no hope of anything. Now I've three books published and appeared on the amateur stage.

None of which means that 'anyone can do what I do'. That phrase is fatuous and useless as I have a different background, genetic makeup and environment to anyone else.

What it means, is that we all have a hero inside ourselves which can help us, if we're allowed to use it.

I came out of an abusive marriage, a relationship which prevented my hero from showing himself. I also have a history of being bullied, another factor which has kept my hero from showing himself.

Once you can let your hero out, you'll be able to do so much more, not that others will like you for doing so as they will feel threatened. My ex-wife and those others who have controlled my life (and yes, I know I let them, but given it was the only life I'd known, there was precious little else I could do) didn't want me to be free of their influence: they loved the control.

No more.

I've found my hero. I hope you find yours.


Nick Wilford said...

Very inspiring. Yes, it's amazing what we can do when we realise we can be in command of our own destiny.

Laura said...

You're absolutely right, what we all need to realise is that the only person who has the right to control us is ourselves.
Thanks for an inspiring post!

Martin Willoughby said...

Nick: Often we need someone to point it out and then help us to acieve it.

Laura: We can also help others to realise it.

Julie Luek said...

Oh Martin, how your words resonate with me in ways I can't go in here. Thanks for the inspiration. Glad you stuck around to be a beacon.

Martin Willoughby said...

Julie: You're very welcome.