Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Where In The World Is Martin Willoughby?

I'm in Hawaii today...well my latest guest post is anyway. Big thank you to Mark Koopmans for hosting me.

And here's a little taster of what's coming your way on Friday.

Have fun.


Mark Koopmans said...

Cheers, Martin.

It was a pleasure having you hop over from one island to the other :)

Julie Luek said...

Oh my recently graduated engineering son would love that pun. It's a groaner. Ooo enjoy your trip!

Martin Willoughby said...

Mark: It was too hot for me to stay though. I melt when it gets past 21C.

Julie You could ask him that question when he goes travelling.

Dana said...

My husband is the king of puns. I'm sure he'd love that one—or maybe he's already said it. I tend to drown him out sometimes. LOL

One day late, but I'm heading over to Mark's now. :)

Tyrean Martinson said...

Loved your post on titles!

Martin Willoughby said...

Dana: Try it out on him.

Tyrean: Thank you.

klahanie said...

Hi Martin,

Indeed you were over at Mark's blog. I hope you got a lei in Hawaii :)