Wednesday, July 31, 2013

And Se We Came To The End....

Of July.

I'm taking August off from blogging, except for the Friday Fun pictures, so it'll be fairly quiet on here for a month or so. Well, as quiet as I ever get.

While I'm awayish, I shall be rearranging this blog a little, changing this, adding that, removing the other etc, so expect some subtle amendments over the next few weeks...or none at all, depending on how I feel.

I'll be tweeting the good/odd/interesting news, so you can follow me on twitter if you want to find out about the more pleasant side of life on Earth,

Until September, I shall see you only on Fridays.


Monday, July 29, 2013

Kickstarting a book

An author friend of mine is trying to raise money via Kickstarter to publish her book and I've agreed to help her. You can find her project, read about it and contribute on her Kickstarter page.

Here are few sections:

Giving Miss Deacon a brief, but friendly smile, Bastian said gently.
'I've studied the occult at great length, I've had to, I make my living from it, and I can tell you from the information you have given me that you really have nothing to fear from this man. He is a fake, all of his rituals are a fraud and they mean nothing. He's probably been watching too many bad horror films and taken his ideas from them.I promise you now, you are perfectly safe.' He said emphatically.
Giving a snort of impatience Mrs Wallace barked at her niece.
'See, what did I tell you girl? Perhaps I should send you to live in a convent, nothing gets past a nun!' She shot a burning look in Bastian's direction.

Matt was becoming frustrated with Bastian. 'Bastian, I'm concerned about this, will you please reconsider?'
'Why? You're not staying you wont be in any danger.'
'Oh for pity sake Bastian, what's the deal with you and these harpies? What hold do they have over you?'
It took a while for Bastian to speak, and then at last, still staring into his teacup he said numbly. 'You don't understand.'
Matt rounded on Bastian, slamming his hand on the table. ' Then explain it to me. You're the one with all the words, tell me, write it down.' He demanded.

Soaking the tea towel once more,Wallace put it over Bastian's face and pulled it taught, it was only when he began to choke, that she removed it.
'For years I tried to work out why the police raided Harcourt, then I read your book, how you put the note in the nun's shopping bag. You ruined my parents work.' She screamed.
'I didn't volunteer to take part in their twisted experiment, I didn't want the damn tattoo, I was strapped down in that chair, I was nine years old for Gods sake.'
'You don't want the tattoo? Perhaps I should take it back then.'
Powerless to defend or protect himself, Bastian watched with sickening horror as Wallace brought the iron closer to his chest, and looking directly into his eyes, she pressed the sole plate against his naked skin.

The auburn haired woman just looked at Beth as if she was having a problem understanding what she had said.
'Follow me.' She mumbled, and walked back up the hall; Beth had no option but to follow. She could hear the sound of laughter and shrieking, but the woman walked on, as if she couldn't hear it, and leading Beth into the kitchen, she closed the door behind her.
Bastian was there with two more women, one he had pressed up against the edge of the sink, his face buried between her breasts. Her neck and chest were stained pink and bits of raspberry clung here and there, it had been her laughter Beth could hear.
The other woman slapped him playfully on the arm, and he turned, laughing quietly. Wiping the raspberry juice from his lips with the heel of his hand, he took a mouthful of red wine from the glass she was holding. Then snaking his arm round her waist, he pulled her close into him. Cradling the back of her head in his hand and pressing his lips against hers, he gently rubbed her throat with his thumb, his eyes closed in exquisite concentration, slowly pulling away as the woman swallowed.

Casually Wallace entered Bastian's hospital room, pausing just inside the door and watching him as he dozed. She moved closer to the bed and stroked the side of his face, Slowly Bastian began to stir. Smiling Wallace leaned over him.'Hello my lovely, I bet you thought you'd seen the last of me.'.....

Please pass this around, share the link, and help another indie author get the recognition she deserves.

I shall see you on Wednesday.

Friday, July 26, 2013

Friday Fun...You Know You Want It

Woohooo, it's Friday, so let's get the fun started.

First up, the news.

Before the pictures, a returning soldier surprises his family.

Now, it's picture time.

 And on that note (hehehehehehe) I bid you adieu, and I shall see you on Monday.