Wednesday, June 05, 2013

From the Ridiculous To The Sublime, And How Do You Decide On A Title

Two bikes stolen in ten days. Guess what happened next? You can't can you.

I've been hired as a subcontractor for a PC training company and got my first appointment next week. Hopefully this should bring in a regular income.

Also, when I went into town with my son to check the local cash-for-goods shops and pawnbrokers, we found a bike shop that can repair the two bikes sitting in my ex-wife's shed for a reasonable price. Not only that, they could do it that day instead of having to wait two weeks, which is what the other bike shop said.

In short, my eldest has a bike (awaiting a new lock for it), and my middle son will have one too in the next few days.


Book titles: what a nuisance they are. You get it wrong and no one buys the book. Get it right won't make much difference. The title gets people to pick it up, the blurb gets people interested enough to buy it.

The title, in effect, is the neon sign outside the shop. And it's not just the title that counts, but how it's displayed on the spine and cover. Grey on black won't get much notice, neon blue on bright yellow will get it noticed, cause headaches in normal people and result in you being sued.

The book I'm reissuing was originally called A Stitch In Time. At the moment it's being changed to Not Again. BUT, what I'd like is some input on the possible titles I'm working on/with, so here's the list.

  • On No, Not Again
  • Not Again
  • Tempers Fugit (yes, the misspelling of Tempers is deliberate)
  • The Good, The Angry and The Innocent

Let me know what you think. I'll give some blurbs next week for a vote too.

Until Friday, have a good time and enjoy what you do.


Julie Luek said...

I'm sorry about your bikes but glad you found a solution. How sad that they were stolen.

I am awful... AWFUL.. with titles. So I'm no help at all. They all sound great to me.

Lynda Alsford said...

The title that i was drawn to was Tempers fugit. And not because I recognised the latin origins of it (had to google that!) but because I didn't know what it meant. I was curious and it would make me want to pick up the book to look - especially if the cover was attractive too.

The the next choice would be Not again. I can't tell you why I prefer that to Oh no, not again though. If it comes to me I will let you know.
all the best with it!

Martin Willoughby said...

Julie: You just have to march on and not let them get to you.

Lynda: You're the second person to wonder about the 'Oh No', and the second to like Tempers Fugit.

Chloe said...

Tempers Fugit is an interesting-sounding title but I'm not sure I'd pick it up because I'd assume it was historical fiction - probably set in Roman times. Or, if the cover suggested it was fantasy/sci-fi I'd think it was a very serious kind of fantasy/sci-fi and that's really not my thing. Maybe if I'd got the play on words it would work (I didn't), but I don't know how many people really would get that.

I don't mind the first two but I don't think I'd notice a book with either of those titles. The last one however would definitely make me read the blurb, so that gets my vote!

Martin Willoughby said...

Chloe: One for the spaghetti SF title. Thank you.

jnxwil said...

A Stitch In Time has already been used, and more than once. Just Google it.